Empower Manage Communicate with Train Engage with your non-clinical support teams

And become a leading health and wellness champion.

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  • Empower your caregivers and alleviate unnecessary burden.
  • Proactively prepare for your audits and never be stressed again.
  • Meet your KPIs and reduce costs based on data; never guess again.
  • Be precise with your service and proactively efficient with your resources.
  • Save time with automated and pre-formatted reports – regulatory and administration.
  • Promote environment sustainability through paper-less and safe operations.

PulseXPRO explained in a reel

PulseXPro was developed by healthcare experts, with and for non-clinical support service specialists, to promote patient-first safety, experience and satisfaction.

Perhaps the main benefit is that PulseXPro enables to assign a task directly to a support worker so the nurses can do what they do best: providing clinical care to patients.

What support workers say about PulseXPRO

Improve quality of care. Reduce risks and costs

The non-clinical part of a hospital stay is just as important as the clinical side of things. Patients expect excellence on all levels.

Document it Record it
Measure it
Manage it
Deliver trust
Keep track of patient satisfaction scores.

Be on top of your hospital audits and get a daily snapshot of each of your departments.

Reduce costs based on real data. Never guess again.

Get revenue. Meet PulseFood

PulseFood is a digital food ordering and delivery app allowing healthcare facilities organisations to deliver diet-specific meals to patients, visitors and other facility occupants. PulseFood is uniquely designed with diet restrictions in mind. At the same time, it is consumer-friendly as expected with food-delivery apps.







Trans fats



Unlike mainstream food delivery apps, PulseFood offers a variety of diet- and nutrition-specific meals.

Safe. Convenient. Healthy.

Patients, visitors and anyone in the hospital get access to healthy food from a certified and regularly audited kitchen facility.

PulseFood app


About Pulse CX (Care eXperience)

PulseXPRO and PulseFood are developed as part of the Pulse CX solution, short for Pulse Care eXperience, and is part of the Planet Group.

Planet Group is a Singapore-based multinational conglomerate that was founded in the 1960s. It provides services in critical sectors of oil and gas, food distribution and logistics, workforce management and in healthcare support services. The group manages over 15,000 front-line employees and is proud to serve and collaborate with discerning and well-known clients.

Pulse CX has been conceptualised, designed and developed by frontline services experts. They felt there was a need for a non-clinical support digital solution to improve their own operations.

The platform was validated and continues to be further refined at world-class health facilities.

Given the immense benefit brought forward to the operations, the platform is now carved out and offered to healthcare facilities, globally.

Pulse CX is the backbone digital platform that assures of our defined outcomes, consistently at scale.

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The outcome of improved collaboration between the clinical and the non-clinical teams, is a fantastic patient-first experience. Providing a control to patient with digital applications in the ‘consumer’ friendly non-clinical services enhances their experience at the facility. This shall result in higher patient satisfaction scores, directly correlating to better reviews and payor terms. The team is also able to consider data-backed quality improvement initiatives with no compromise to safety. A paper-less operation would be considered a great sustainability effort.

Create a center of excellence with assured compliance to audits – regulatory or management. With global best practices and processes localized to hospital, the risk of mismanagement reduces. Empowered caregivers with readily available SOPs for the task-at-hand improves results and reduces accidents.

Operationally, there is reduced waste, error and theft with optimal resourcing (and correct positions) designated for activities. Continuous improvement initiatives backed by data ensure effective cost rationalization. Furthermore, reduction in incidents and total compliance reduces the total cost of ownership. 

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On the job training with task-linked and on-demand learning resources.
Scheduled or automatically triggered activities that are derived from approved and compliant processes of the health facility.
Users linked to position dependant system for flexibility and interchangeability of resources in high-attrition industry.
Conduct comprehensive audits or spot-checks – scheduled or dynamic, pre-configured with exact details.
Multiple sources of request – clinicians, nursing, patients, fellow support team members – automatic redirection to the most appropriate and available staff to resolve the query and collect task completion details for future service improvements.
Involve all stakeholders and utilise all tools – markups, photographs, videos and documents to conduct a thorough investigation and close a root cause and corrective action process.
Administrative and regulatory reports that are pre-formatted for submission and available on-demand with latest, trusted data. Alongwith, BI tools that displays interactive infographics with drill down for advanced analysis.
Patient-facing food ordering solution or unclean public toilet request or transporter route option or operating equipment and inventory solution – PulseXPro is powerful to provide or integrate with them all connecting to 1 central engine.